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Hi, I'm Debbie

Thank you for visiting Debbie Downie Enterprises- Image Impact Strategist. “Let Debbie Downie lift up your smile, finding your perfect look & style.”

To paraphrase a famous movie line: “I see beautiful people.”

My analytical background & covering the retail, textile & apparel industries for almost 3 decades provides me with the unique ability to see your God-given beauty.

Utilizing color analysis & silhouette sizing, I uncover & enhance this natural beauty to provide you with an impactful stunning image that will make an awesome first impression, solidify your likability & most importantly create innate confidence that you will radiate.

As an Image Impact Strategist, I work with ladies like me ... gals whom want to look great, could lose a few pounds, and proudly wear a face that reveals years of laughter & tears.

Let Debbie Downie Enterprises help you be the best you can be! I offer affordable, practical & realistic advice to finding your unique colors that brings out your natural beautiful complexion & teaching you which styles of clothing emphasize your best features for your body type.

As Marilyn Monroe said: “The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her smile.”

Debbie Downie Enterprises will help you smile!

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • “Every executive woman ready to commit to the climb should call Debbie Downie. After she uncovers your God given attributes & teaches how color & certain styles optimizes them, you will be amazed at how confident & powerful you feel. What glass ceiling?!”

    Lisa Pfenning Global VP Acceleration Brands at Bacardi Ltd.
  • “Debbie Downie knows how to incorporate her successful Wall St. Financial Analysis career into making an impact for women to look and be their best. She lines herself up with the best of the best and brings women the tools they need to show up powerful and stand out in today’s market.”

    Roe Couture DeSaro MD eWomenNetwork Central NJ, Owner of Gutsy Gals Get More, Go-to Expert For Women Leaders

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